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Kiki’s Delivery Service

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I went to a wedding recently. 

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Just a few hours until a new episode of Steven Universe!

Lion 2 The Movie, Storyboarded by Joe Johnston and Jeff Liu

TONIGHT APRIL 23rd @ 7pm on Cartoon Network!

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There’s nothing better, than a well done hand crafted, animated piece of work. Mad respect.

One scene shows her reblogging in tumblr. Now i’m reblogging her.

“Takuya Hosogane goes anime in this new music video for Jin, but keeps his sly sense of humor. Takuya says that he wanted to create a piece that referenced the experience of browsing through a tumblr of animated GIFs: gloriously random with awesome moments of synchronicity. And, in a true win for the Internet, someone’s already taken the video and reblogged it on tumblr it as an animated GIF.” - Motionographer

The Making Of video is neat, too.

I was so bummed I’d lost my link to this, and then I found it through Ktshy of all people aaaa <3<3<3

God I love all the MVs for Jin’s songs.

This is why I love vocaloids! Kids gettin’ creative together!

stares at animation for years because it’s so fluid

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Hello, friends! As I’m sure some of you know, I’ve recently hit my 600 follower milestone! I’m very excited about this and wanted to share one of my favorite things about neopets with you all; petpets!

Both likes and reblogs count

Get in your entry by April 27th to win! Thank you all for putting up with me on your dash, and welcome to all of my new followers! Good luck, everyone!

Giveaway ends this Sunday! Get your entries in!



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raikaken asked:
Laputa: Castle in the Sky or The Cat Returns

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